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Welcome to Melbourne!

You'll soon be living in the world's most liveable city.

More than the classroom

By moving to Melbourne to study, you’ll experience much more than just the classroom. Melbourne is a very diverse city, demonstrated through our events, sport, festivals and food. Best of all, you’ll be able to experience these activities with the friends you will make while studying at Monash College.

Your culture is our culture

​Melbourne welcomes diversity and celebrates multiculturalism.​

People from 180 countries live in Melbourne and the locals are friendly and welcoming.

Do you love food?

​​​In Melbourne, you'll find restaurants and cafes with food from all around the world. We are also famous for our delicious coffee.​

If you like Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Peruvian or want to try Australian cuisine, you'll find it in Melbourne. We love to eat out and try new places


Melbourne is also famous for its shopping! You'll find Australia's largest shopping centre, boutiques, high end designers and local markets.


​There's something special about Melbourne weather.

​The locals call it experiencing four seasons in one day. Living in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to experience all the weather Australia has to offer. You can enjoy hot days at Melbourne's beaches, or visit snow fields just a few hours from the city. Dressing in Melbourne requires flexibility and creativity to make sure you are prepared for any type of weather!


​With trains, trams and buses, you'll find it easy to explore this fantastic city.

To move around Melbourne easily, make sure you get your own myki card. Using public transport is as easy as tapping on and off as you travel around.

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Melbourne lifestyle

What's it like to live in Melbourne?

Melbourne people work hard from 9am – 5pm, but we enjoy life outside of work, too. We enjoy our sport, love being active, and have fun spending time with friends. On the weekends, you'll find us eating out at cafes, attending sporting events, shopping, eating, and participating in festivals.

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Cost of living

​It's a good idea to prepare a budget before you arrive.

As a student, you'll have to pay for accommodation, food, travel insurance, clothes, books, phone, internet plus leisure activities. It's a good idea to prepare a budget. We recommended you add $28,000 per year to your budget.

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Living in Melbourne will be a big part of your student experience.

There are a number of accommodation options from living in a student apartment in the city, to living on-campus, to living with an Australian family (homestay). The best option for you will depend on your age, which campus you'll be studying at, and the type of experience you want.

Explore your options and decide what is best for you

Safety and security

​We take your safety seriously.

​Every Monash College campus is protected by security officers. You can also participate in self-defence classes or learn safety tips from the police who visit during orientation. If there is an emergency or whenever you need help, just ring our 24-hour student helpline for assistance.

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